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Tony Culver - Avant gardiste extraordinaire
Text Image No 2
  • Text Image No 2

  • ink
  • 15 by 30
  • unframed
  • £50.00
  • There were 3 visual themes or motifs running through the designs of the text images/pages as art objects. IN the castle (seen here and with Page No 1); NEAR the castle and DISTANT from the castle. With the IN the castle pages I predesigned 'crazy castle' outlines and typed into them, justifying the line endings with large 'X's. With the NEAR the castle pages a small castle was typed in to one side and the text typed into pre-designed abstract rectangles organised on the pages differently in each case. In the DISTANT from the castle I only used abstract rectangles of different shapes, sizes and locations. As far as I am aware this was a WORLD FIRST for the lay-out of Mss of any kind. Each page becoming, in itself, an Image akin to a minimalist painting.

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