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Tony Culver - Avant gardiste extraordinaire


Welcome to my site!  
     You'll find a number of innovations here, some more significant than others!  The work on this page can be categorised as NEO-CUBISM (first and last painting) and BOOK-DECOS (books as wall hangable craft objects).  Both break with ancient traditions.
      Neo-Cubism breaks with a tradition in painting dating back some 600 years - THE SINGLE ANGLE (of study) SINGLE IMAGE PAINTING.  On which 99% of representational paintings have been based internationally since Da Vinci.
      Book-Decos  break with a 1,300 year old design tradition - THE BOOK - originally realised as the Illuminated Manuscript (little leafed, white paper, print on two sides of page, left bound, shelf locatable, hard or soft back rectangle).  The ONE design for Mss printing/packaging publishers have devised since they copied the form.  Magazines, newspapers, diaries, notebooks are also the same design fundamentally.

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