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Tony Culver - Avant gardiste extraordinaire


These FOUR paintings (obviously - not 16) are a radical redesign of 'The Painting'  (fixed, 2-D, single image, usually rectangular) a FORM in use, internationally, since about 1450.  Each of these 4 contain in excess of 1,000,000 IMAGE VARIABLES due to the radical redesign.  This is - 3-D, perspex sheets over canvas, abstracts painted on all outward facing sheets, loose colour areas between them.  Thses can be reorganised into MILLIONS of different relationships to the fixed abstracts, creating millions of different varaitions on the fixed composition. The reorganisation is done by the buyer and his family. So, over the next hundred years if one of these remains in the family, that family could have a new painting every day, week on week, year on year, for no extra cost. This if this painting were changed once every day. Even at the end of 100 years they would still not have explored all the possible image variables, ergo compositions ergo paintings.

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